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Lawrence Ee

Master District Director (AIA)

Lawrence is an MDRT Life member, who has been #1 in AIA for 3 years. He engaged Alaric to do a coaching session for him and his managers to craft an irresistible recruitment offer.

Alan Jeremiah
Huttons Property Director

One week after the course, Alan closed a $1.78 million property deal and got $80,000 in commissions. Using Alaric's methods, he was able to significantly increase his income.

Winston Yap

Top Leader of Jeunesse

Winston is the #1 leader of Jeunesse in Singapore, with thousands of distributors under him. Using Alaric's methods, he managed to close two $3,400 deals on the same day.

Mitch Carson
International Speaker

Mitch enrolled in Facebook Accelerator to learn how to market his own speaking events. He is the mentor of Joel Bauer, who is the mentor of Peng Joon, an 8 figure online entrepreneur.

Matthew Look
Tuition Teacher

Matthew was completely new to Facebook marketing. He spent $100 on FB Ads to get 2 clients that pay him $45/hour. In 1 year, they would pay him $4,000.

Raghu Reddy
Sales Trainer

Raghu managed to bring down his cost per lead from $30-40 to $10-15 just by applying the strategies in the Facebook Accelerator course.

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