The ONLY Social Media Marketing Course You'll Ever Need (Updated for 2021)
Especially for Agents, Consultants, Coaches, Freelancers, & Business Owners
Discover How You Can Consistently Get High Quality Leads & Automatically Generate Appointments... Without Being Good At Marketing or Tech
REVEALED: How I Earn 350% Returns for Every Dollar I Invest In Facebook & Instagram Ads... By Using a Simple & Powerful C.L.E.A.N.™ System
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  • Have traditional methods like cold calling, direct mailing, and street canvassing stopped working for you?
  • ​Do you feel overwhelmed by the different advice marketing “gurus” give?
  • ​Are your leads from social media ignoring your messages and phone calls?
  • Did you get "burnt" by a marketing agency?
If you've experienced ANY of the above, the Ultimate Social Media Lead Generation System™ is the perfect course for you!
Whether your goal is to hit sales targets, achieve top-tier awards, and be recognized on stage...

Or to buy that new car, move into a bigger house, and go for more vacations…

Or you simply want to have more time for yourself and your loved ones…

This course can get you there!
Jax Ng, teaching a group of students in Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Hi, I’m Jax Ng.

I'm a Digital Strategist with 10 years’ experience in social media marketing, lead generation, and web creation.

I specialize in helping agents, consultants, coaches, freelancers, and business owners generate appointments for high-ticket sales.

Recently, I’ve launched a new online course.

Initially, I only created it to train my team.

But after meeting many people who can't afford high agency fees, I made this course available to everyone for a fraction of the price.

It feels good knowing that I’m not denying my knowledge and experience from those who need help the most.

But of course, I’m not only doing this for selfless reasons.

Launching a course is also a great way to build my brand.
This course isn’t about theory...

You'll be getting practical strategies you can apply for immediate results...

It isn't about information...

As soon as you enroll, you'll be given a proven system for total transformation...

I look forward to seeing you in my community!
Step-by-Step / Updated For 2021 / Unlimited Support / Lifetime Access

7 Reasons Why traditional marketing No Longer Works Today

  • #1:  It's a Waste of Time
    Traditional methods like cold-calling or street canvassing requires you to be there all day, everyday...

    Social media generates leads for you on autopilot even while you’re asleep!
  • #2: It's a Waste of Money
    Traditional media like newspapers or magazines doesn’t give you control over whom you show your ads to...

    Social media saves you precious budget by only showing your ads to likely customers!
It can cost 20X or more to reach a thousand people on traditional media than social media (source: Morgan Stanley)
  • #3: It's Expensive
    It can cost 20X or more to reach a thousand people on traditional media than social media...

    Marketing on social media is much more affordable, making it easy to justify your return on investment!
  • ​#4: It's Risky
    Advertising on traditional media like TV, radio, or newspapers requires committing thousands of dollars upfront...

    Social media lets you test with just a few dollars at a time, making it one of the safest platforms to advertise on!
  • #5: You're Flying Blind
    With traditional media, it’s hard to track which ads or customer segments are profitable...

    Social media tracks performance automatically, allowing you to make profit-boosting decisions!
  • ​#6: People Hate Being Interrupted
    Methods like cold-calling or door-to-door are annoying, making you face a ton of rejections...

    Marketing on social media is non-intrusive, making it easier to land sales!
The amount of time people spend on social media is rising at an accelerating pace (source: BroadbandSearch)
  • ​#7: People Are Spending More Time on Social Media
    This trend isn’t just rising, it’s accelerating!

    If you don't take social media marketing seriously now, it's going to get harder to catch up!
  • ​Bonus - #8: It's Vulnerable to Pandemics
    Traditional marketing is subjected to the whims of pandemics like SARS and COVID-19...

    With social media, the world can come down with the plague and your business is still a go!
In summary...
Jax Ng - Traditional Marketing VS Social Media Marketing

The #1 Social Media Marketing Mistake You Need to Avoid

Boosting posts, running “lead form” ads, posting pictures/videos on social media, etc...

These are merely tactics...

Sure, some of them may get you leads… maybe even a few appointments...

But on their own, it’s extremely hard to get sales...

And even if you do, the amount of time, money and effort you put in wouldn’t make sense over the long run...

Instead of blindly executing tactics, what you need is the right strategy behind them...
Don't take my word for it! Here's what one of the greatest military strategist once said!
In Ultimate Social Media Lead Generation System™ , I'll be covering not just the tactics, but how they fit together in a coherent strategy...

And it’s not just something that looks good on paper...

I’ll be giving you the proven system that you can straight up copy and paste to attract high-ticket clients who'll AUTOMATICALLY book calls or meetings with you...

With this system, you'll be able to get piping hot prospects 24/7 even while you're asleep...

What's more, you get to skip the trial and error and avoid burning hard-earned cash...

Best of all, you don't need any marketing or tech knowledge to get started!
Step-by-Step / Updated For 2021 / Unlimited Support / Lifetime Access

Here's What You'll Get With the
Ultimate Social Media Lead Generation System™

C.L.E.A.N.™ Appointment Generation System 
($4,000 Value)

I used to chase prospects for appointments, and it made me feel like a pest...

If only there’s a way to get them to come to me instead of me going to them! 

After experimenting for months, I finally found the right strategy! 

With this strategy, you’ll be able to attract high-ticket clients who’ll AUTOMATICALLY book calls or meetings with you! 

I’ll even let you copy and paste my actual working system so that you can get started WITHOUT any marketing or technical skill!

Video Presentation Secrets
($2,000 Value)

I often found myself repeating the same pitch over and over, to the point I got tired listening to myself...

So I thought… Why not record a short video so that it can sell for me 24/7 even while I’m asleep? 

Using this approach, I was able to shorten my sales calls from hours to minutes! 

I’ll show you how ONE good video can consistently get you piping hot prospects who are ready to buy by the time they call or meet you! 

This works even if you have ZERO talent or experience (you don’t even need to show yourself on video!)

Facebook/Instagram Ads Strategy Playbook 
($4,000 Value)

If you're an agent, consultant, coach, freelancer, or business owner...

And you're looking for the easiest and most affordable way to reach a targeted audience... FAST...

Running Facebook/Instagram ads is your ONLY option!

But doing it wrong will not just get you little or no results, you'll burn a TON of money along the way!

When I first started running ads, I had to pay Facebook a ton of “school fees” before I knew what worked...

Fortunately for you, you'll get to skip the trial-and-error

I’ll reveal my proven, step-by-step strategy on how to PROFITABLY run ads so that you’ll avoid burning all your hard-earned cash!

P.B.B.™ Personal Branding Blueprint 
($2,000 Value)

Ever wondered why people go crazy over Apple products even though they're so expensive?

That's right... it's all about branding!

When I applied these simple online branding techniques, sales became 10X easier! 

I’ll show you the RIGHT way to brand yourself so that prospects will like you, trust you, and respect you… even if they’ve never met you!

How to Spy on Your Competition 
($500 Value)

“If you know your enemy, and know yourself, you need not fear the outcome of a hundred battles” – Sun Tzu (Art of War)

I’ll show you the little-known ways to gather intelligence so that you can gain unfair advantage over your competitors... by beating them at their own game!
Total Value = $12,500
Normal Price = $997
Early Bird = $697
Super Early Bird = $97 (Save 90%)

If That Wasn't Enough...

When you enroll during Super Early Bird, you'll also receive these special bonuses!


Tips to Avoid “Getting Burnt”... PLUS, Get Insider Access to Freelancers I’ve Personally Worked With!


Get "The Complete Beginner's Guide to Advertising on Facebook" (Retailing on Amazon For $39) For FREE


1 Year Access to Our 24/7 WhatsApp Group... This Bonus Alone Is Already Worth the Price of the WHOLE Course!

Here are Just a few of my Happy Students

30 Days Money Back Guarantee 
+ Keep ALL Bonuses!

Everything you’re about to discover in this course has been proven to work...

You’ll be getting the exact system I use for myself as well as for my clients!

If you apply everything in this course and you don’t see results, I’ll be happy to give you 100% of your money back… PLUS, you get to keep all the bonuses!

In other words, there’s literally ZERO risk for you to get started!
Don't Miss Out on Super Early Bird Pricing + TONS of Exclusive Bonuses!
Step-by-Step / Updated For 2021 / Unlimited Support / Lifetime Access

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a money back guarantee?
Yes. Try the online course for up to 30 days, risk free! At any time within these 30 days, if you feel like this isn't the greatest training of its kind, I'll send you all your money back. That's right! You even get to keep all the bonuses! All you need to do is email me your receipt with the title "My Dog Ate It" and I'll give you back your money with no questions asked. Sound more than fair?
Do I have to be good in IT?
No. This is a marketing course, not an IT course. If you can switch on your laptop (or desktop) and type an email, you are more than qualified to enrol.
I'm a newbie. Is this for me?
Yes. I made it very simple and step-by-step. If need be, you can watch the videos at a slower speed and replay them as many times as you want.
I'm an expert. Is this for me?
Yes, I have a lot of tips that no one else in the market knows. If you find it too slow, you can watch the videos at a faster speed.
How long does it take to complete the course?
Some people can complete the course in one day. Others may take longer. But since it's an online course, and you have lifetime access to it, you can take as long as you need.
Do you update the course? I’m afraid that technology changes very quickly. 
Yes. Whenever there are any changes or I find out any new methods that work, I would update the course immediately.
I need some time to think about it. Will I lose the bonuses if I enroll later? 
Yes. If you enroll later, you risk losing all of the bonuses. It's highly recommended that you enroll now and secure the bonuses. 
I'm ready to enroll. How do I get started?
Awesome, simply click the button down below to enroll! After you key in your email address and payment details, you will get access to the course immediately! I will then add you into our coaching WhatsApp group and you would be updated on all upcoming coaching sessions in the WhatsApp group!
Don't Miss Out on Super Early Bird Pricing + TONS of Exclusive Bonuses!
Step-by-Step / Updated For 2021 / Unlimited Support / Lifetime Access
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